IT and data network assets

ALMA is an asset management system covering different divisions and functions of the organisation. It combines in a smart way the management of documentation scattered between multiple locations. ALMA’s dynamic and structured data model is easy to maintain and update. Any data are easy to find in ALMA.


ALMA brings together the data management of all assets

  • Architecture management on different levels:
    • Business, information, system, and technology architecture
  • Servers, software and versions, responsibilities, reminders
  • Networks and devices
  • Remote connections
  • Instructions and documentation
  • Integrations and dependencies
  • Administrators and support service responsibilities, their service levels and contact information


  • A single, unified tool for administrators and developers.
  • Improved overall management and clearer boundaries of responsibilities, which leads to drastic reduction in the vagueness of responsibilities among different actors.
  • Changes can be planned in good time in a controlled manner.
  • Software and application versions are visible in ALMA (for example, it is possible to detect a serious fault in some software version / trace all the locations where the version is being used).
  • Management of system interdependencies (for example, if a certain program or server is shut down, which systems will be affected).
ALMA reduces disturbances and interruptions and accelerates the related recovery.

This means different things in different fields: in industry, more production; in trade, functional cash registers; in hospitals, reliable operation of critical systems and patient safety.

ALMA also plays a decisive role in time management, since it helps to avoid needless effort when retrieving information. Based on studies, at worst, 70% of work time is spent on information retrieval.

Data network asset data management

In organisations, data are often managed in a scattered manner. Finding necessary data may prove to be impossible. Even if found, the data available are unfortunately often not up-to-date. Management of the whole, as well as fragmented documentation and data storage methods, often cause problems as well.

With ALMA, you can have complete and easy control over production plant or real estate, as well as communication and remote monitoring network structure dependencies: network architecture, trunk cables, fibre optics, IT and network cabinets, fibre panels, connections, and ports.

ALMA visualises the dependencies of different nodes, which allows reviewing data from different levels. All data can also be smartly linked to the rest of ALMA’s structure, such as, for example, to real estate or IT assets (servers, software, applications, integrations, etc.)

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