Projects and project management

With ALMA it is possible to centrally manage projects’ information and documentation from project’s initial planning all the way to the upkeep stage.

During different stages of projects, huge amount of information and documentation are produced by different parties. To have a successful project, key point is to have efficiently run information management in place. This requires controlled procedures and practises as well as the right tools to support these operations.

ALMA offers excellent project management solutions. ALMA offers centralized solutions for project’s information and documentation management from initial planning to the stage of hand over and upkeep. The system can also be utilized after the project is finished, (technical information and documentation management-, maintenance management- (CMMS) and engineering system) therefore it is not necessary to transfer the information created during the project into separate systems.

During projects’ initial or pre-planning stage ALMA can be utilised as a project bank. Through the bank it is possible to share quotation request material and documentation to the parties that require the information. From ALMA it is also easy to export material related to quotation requests and procurement.

When utilizing ALMA as the end customer’s or project owner’s project bank, all the information can be centrally stored during the project for end user’s life cycle needs.

Also for project budgeting and cost monitoring

ALMA can be utilized in projects’ budgeting and cost monitoring. The system can be loaded with different types of expenses and used to keep track of their actual performance during the project. The progress of the project can also be monitored effectively. With progress monitoring, project’s schedule accuracy can be improved and used to reduce time wasted on subjective and vague schedule estimates.

ALMA offers powerful tools for including design information produced by different project partners (main device suppliers, engineering offices, etc.) into the system. Into ALMA and its database it is possible to import with flexibility information from various sources, in many different forms. It should also be noted that information can be transferred and stored into ALMA’s database as information elements, not merely as documents and metadata. All the information can be linked together logically and once piece of information can be found in the system only once. Data transferred into the database is directly useable for further processing in reporting etc. Also often manual data input to other systems can be avoided as ALMA can be integrated to them. 

Our services cover defining the customer’s environment, needs and challenges as well as creating solution proposition, system introduction, training, upkeep, development and support. Based on solid expertise and effective tools we make project data management services; for example creating project and information management procedures, coordination of information management and data transfers from various parties’ systems, databases, excels etc.

Like the rest of ALMA solutions and application areas, ALMA’s project solution can easily be extended to ALMA’s other application areas.

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