Electrical and automation data management

Electrical and automation data are often interrelated. Thus, change of data at one location will immediately affect several other locations. If data is not updated efficiently in the company, it will quickly cause problems. If data are maintained manually, without IT systems, human errors are unfortunately common.

ALMA Electrical and Automation information management

In many companies, electrical and automation data are managed in several Excel files and CAD images in personal folders or on network drives. Data management is person-dependent.

With ALMA, management of electrical and automation data can be developed by stages from structured and dependency-mastering documentation management all the way to database-based planning. 

Even entry-level ALMA solutions can significantly develop and facilitate data management, as well as eliminate risks.

ALMA’s advanced planning solutions

ElectALMA electrification design covers all centres, electric outlets, connection spaces and other electrification data of a facility.

Comprehensive libraries and automated functions for examination and creation of connections are at the designers’ disposal.

With the help of ElectALMA, the designer can:

  • Control the plant’s power supply
  • Create standard motor circuits; power and RPM from minimum to maximum
  • Create conceptual products, actual products and drawings
  • Utilise product and cable libraries alongside automatic choices
  • Create motor lists with the help of standard solutions
  • Connect the motor to the MCC and reserve the necessary I/O-s
  • Share completed design data in the form of drawings and diagrams

Field Instrumentation

FieldALMA covers all circuits, devices, connection spaces, and field data.

Automation design data can be used to generate reports that can be modified or used as layouts for subsequent design.

With the help of FieldALMA, the automation designer can:

  • Select circuit components from the component library
  • Check and update installation type images
  • Create connection network and enclosures easily with the help of registers
  • Produce installation documentation
  • Create equipment connections and connection diagrams
  • Define I/O positioning
  • Upkeep cross connection data
  • Conveniently create all the reports required for final documentation
  • Use comprehensive database import/export functions

Application and system engineering

FieldALMA and ElectALMA include highly parameterized functions for supplier-independent system engineering. Through parameterized links, this information is connected to the automationsupplier’s tools.

When the field instrumentation design is completed, the data for system design are ready as well, such as alarm groups and starting sequence.

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