Well-being at work and customer experience go hand in hand

Well-being at work is a whole made up of the work and its meaningfulness, health, safety, and well-being. Well-being at work is improved by good and motivating management, as well as by the atmosphere in the working community and the professional skills of employees. At Vitec ALMA, this equation holds true, says Tanja Latomaa, the person responsible for the company’s financial affairs.

In recent years, through the efforts of the management and the entire personnel, development of the services offered and of the internal processes has been in the centre of attention at Vitec ALMA. A bright guiding light in our activities is customer experience, which is also one of our strategic priorities. This is evident in the usability of the ALMA system and in the operation of our service organisation.

Our personnel have not been left aside either. With the growth of the company, it has been essential to think about the resilience, abilities, and tasks of our working community and people. With the organisational change, our actions and roles have become clearer.

COVID taught us a lesson and opened our eyes to the importance of working community

It is important for the team to be on the same page so that we can exchange our experience and views on what is going on in the company. In the COVID time, meetings moved to the Internet. At first, we had to get used to the new normality, but “permanent teleworking” taught many of us a lot about ourselves and introduced new ways for doing things to our working community. Granted, in the field of IT, the physical location is not so important, but meeting face-to-face, sharing coffee breaks and exchanging news during the working day contribute to maintaining the spirit of the work community. I admit to have missed this.

I also express my sincere praise to my colleagues. Our personnel is truly professional, hard-working and enthusiastic. Everyone does their job – and often a little more. Whenever you ask for assistance, your colleagues are there to help you out. I believe this is also reflected in our professional skills and attitude visible to our customers.

Our working community includes hardened ALMA veterans and entirely new arrivals at the same time. During the COVID time as well, several new people have joined our team. It seems that they have been accepted to their teams and briefed about their work quite well, because moving back to the office little by little is greeted with happy smiles.

Leisure time is an important component of well-being at work

In teleworking, keeping work and leisure apart can be difficult. In my case, this challenge decimated my hobbies. I have a dog and two cats at home, as well as several horses in the stable.

At Vitec ALMA, we talk a lot about values, which include trust and transparency. When my colleagues ask how my horses are doing, this makes me smile. I find it wonderful that they are interested not only in my professional skills, but also in me and in my hobby.

When I take my mare Helmi out to compete in a race, many people wish me luck. I have been thinking that when we can have a team day again, I will take them to races. And they have responded like: “That’s great – let’s go!”


Tanja Latomaa

The author is Vitec ALMA Oy’s Financial Manager