Vitec ALMA’s Support Team Works Fast

Vitec ALMA’s support team responds to customer inquiries quickly and also carries out smaller customer projects. A satisfied customer able to utilise all features of ALMA with maximum efficiency owing to quick support service is the most important outcome for the team.

Vitec ALMA established a specialised customer support team in June 2021. The ALMA software currently includes so many different and versatile features that it is worth investing into related user support.

Our customers are sophisticated; they have learned to use ALMA and its features in the course of commissioning. However, people change, and so do the customers’ job descriptions. Because of this, features used less frequently are sometimes forgotten. Our support team is there for quick advisement and support in such situations, assures Teemu Urpilainen, Support Engineer, a member of the team since the beginning of September.

In addition to responding to individual questions and looking for solutions, the five support team members also carry out smaller customer projects. Another task is offering in-house support at Vitec ALMA and upholding product development work.

One-stop-shop customer support

According to Urpilainen, the support team is like a customer’s landing page through which the necessary information is always available. At times, the team needs to do some detective work to find the solutions and answers. Nevertheless, they always get the job done.

As we are usually contacted by e-mail, we always keep an eye on the support team address ( If we cannot provide an answer to a question right away, at least we know where to look for it. Accordingly, the customer is not redirected from one person or team to another, but a single contact is almost always sufficient, Urpilainen continues.

From summer help to Vitec ALMA’s Support Engineer

Teemu Urpilainen originally started his career at Vitec ALMA as a summer worker. By the end of summer, things had worked out so well that Urpilainen was employed by the company as a Support Engineer from the beginning of September. He has yet to complete his final thesis at the Centria University of Applied Sciences, but will soon graduate as a certified ICT Engineer (B. Eng).

The summer job was an altogether excellent way to get to know the ALMA software and its different functions. During the summer, I engaged in everything from coding to smaller customer projects. However, I still have a lot to learn. Luckily, you learn something new every day, Urpilainen says.

Urpilainen managed to get to know Vitec ALMA’s people and corporate culture during the summer months, which means that he knew quite well what to expect at the beginning of September.

This made carrying on easy indeed.

Vitec ALMA support team contact details

The best way for reaching Teemu and the rest of Vitec ALMA’s support team is by sending an e-mail to the address or by calling 010 419 8540 between 8 AM and 4 PM.