Vitec ALMA’s customers rely on quality and expertise

Vitec ALMA constantly surveys its customers’ satisfaction with the company’s products and services. In May 2021, a more extensive customer satisfaction survey was conducted, the results of which emphasize Vitec ALMA’s expertise, operational quality, reliability, and progressive attitude.

Vitec ALMA regularly collects customer feedback. Based on this feedback, the company’s products, services, and operation undergo constant improvement. Feedback is collected, for example, in the course of training events, customer meetings and projects, as well as through broader customer satisfaction surveys. Positive and constantly improving customer experience is among the most important goals of the company.

With the help of customer feedback, we develop our operations towards increased efficiency and better service to our customers. In addition to product and service development, the feedback also affects our wider strategic plans. We have a strong vision of the future, and with the help of customer feedback, we establish an even stronger foundation for building our strategy, says Niko Pahkala, Deputy Managing Director of Vitec ALMA.

Under the extensive customer satisfaction survey conducted in May, lots of responses were collected from all target industries of Vitec ALMA and from companies of different sizes.

ALMA participates in subduing the pandemic

The COVID era has emphasized the importance of Vitec ALMA’s software services to the business of the company’s customers. Owing to ALMA’s applications, it has been possible to make various decisions and plans concerning design, work and production in a safe manner. If necessary, this has been achieved without physical meetings. From the viewpoint of subduing the pandemic, this has been of primary importance.

In the customer satisfaction survey, the COVID era is reflected at least in the fact that the customers praise Vitec ALMA’s extensive and flexible service package. Based on the survey, ALMA seems to be clearly improving the overall management of our customers’ business, Pahkala points out.

As concerns Vitec ALMA personnel, the COVID pandemic has resulted in increase of the number of teleworkers. At offices, safety distances have been complied with and face masks used whenever required.

Praise to Vitec ALMA personnel

The world is never ready, which is why there will always be room for improvement in ALMA. The environment and situations around us are constantly changing. The customer satisfaction survey brought new ideas for this perpetual development work and confirmed many of the company’s pre-existing assumptions.

I am particularly pleased with that the skills, expertise, and operation of our personnel received loads of praise from our customers. We have a wonderful team, which is constantly being supplemented with new and successful recruitments. ALMA veterans have been very efficient in passing our operation culture emphasizing quality and friendliness on to their new colleagues. This also means that the outlook for the future is good, Pahkala concludes.

Text: Kai Tarkka