Vitec ALMA: Nice People and Working Environment

Seppo Jyrinki, new Project Manager at Vitec ALMA, has always fancied technical management of affairs. Therefore, a job involving the ALMA software intended for life cycle, asset, and data management is a perfect match for him.

Jyrinki's background in electrical design introduced him to design work and the associated challenges and opportunities many years ago. On top of a Bachelor’s degree in automation engineering, Jyrinki later graduated as a Master of Science in Engineering. In this connection, as his career progressed, electric and production equipment installations have been replaced by production, design, and project manager’s tasks bringing more responsibility.

Especially the Master of Science in Engineering degree fuelled my desire to work in the field of design. I have worked in industrial environments before and have now found a job and software that can manage truly complex industrial processes and environments.

“When I started at Vitec ALMA as a Project Manager in early September, the job immediately felt right. In my life, I am looking for new things and yearn to develop myself. I have already learned many new things about ALMA,” Jyrinki says.

Jyrinki is part of Vitec ALMA’s project team and is already involved in the implementation of several customer projects.

ALMA’s versatility is surprising

Jyrinki first found out about ALMA during his studies, when Toni Penttilä from ALMA delivered courses related to programming at the university of applied sciences. He had also encountered ALMA in his earlier work at many different companies and functions. In practice, however, Jyrinki had not actually studied the software before starting his new job.

During these few first months, I have time and again been surprised by ALMA’s versatility.

“The software can be customized to suit the needs of vastly different industrial sectors. Thus, it is no wonder that ALMA is being used so extensively by Finnish industry. Our customers include companies of all sizes from all over Finland,” Jyrinki points out.

Because of the wide range of ALMA clientele, Jyrinki’s job description is also diverse. The work culture and environment at Vitec made an impression from the very start.

“I have never experienced anything like this at any of my earlier workplaces.”

Fitness boxing drives office troubles away

Seppo Jyrinki is a single parent to three teenagers, which means that there is also plenty of action going on at his home in Kalajoki. Among his dependants is the family cat named Milli.

“I am into cycling, fitness boxing and gym training. Special praises go to fitness boxing, as it is a truly comprehensive sport. Punching the boxing bag and sparring with the buddies drives away any office worker’s troubles and improves physical condition. After training, all neck and shoulder bothers are gone”, Jyrinki assures.

Text: Kai Tarkka
Photo: Seppo Jyrinki