Training Courses: Get the Most Out of ALMA

ALMA software is versatile, flexible, and adaptable to many uses. You can maximise the benefits of ALMA through our tailored training courses. With the help of our experts, you will learn how to get the most out of the software.

The ALMA software offered by Vitec ALMA is a versatile and flexible complete solution. There are lots of features and uses, so a suitable solution can be found for every customer. The software grows as the customer’s business develops. At the beginning, there could be only one or two features, but over time, it is easy to expand the use of the software to include new functions and features.

”All of or training courses are tailored to the customer’s needs. We know our customers, and with the help of our experts, we can point out which features of the software could be most beneficial for their business. We are not into overselling, but we also do not shy away from presenting any features essential to the customer. This way, we ensure maximum benefit from the software investment to the customer,” says Tanja Latomaa from Vitec ALMA when describing the importance of tailored training course.

Typically, 1–9 persons take part in training events. This way, discussions are sparked, learning is faster and each participant’s issues can be examined in detail. The courses last from a few hours to a few working days, depending on the situation and training needs. A training can also be divided into several parts, so that it does not interfere with other work too much.

Training courses tailored to your exact needs

In recent years, due to COVID-19 safety reasons, the courses have mostly been arranged remotely. However, to an increasing extent, the courses will once again be arranged at the customers’ or Vitec ALMA’s premises in spring 2023. The deeper the benefits of ALMA software extend into the customer’s business, the more important is the physical presence of the expert trainer at the training event. In face-to-face training, people can focus on learning completely new things better as compared to remote training.

“Additional information on our trainings is available from me or our support service team. You can find our contact information at the bottom of this article. You can also send inquiries regarding training to the e-mail address After your contact, we will get right back to you and can quickly design a training package best suitable for your company,” Latomaa continues.

Contact Vitec ALMA on training-related matters:
Support service: 010 419 8540,
Tanja Latomaa: 010 419 8560,