The genuine we-spirit of Vitex ALMA charmed the new project engineer

Monica Kolppanen, an electrical engineer who specializes in electrical power engineering, has come across this and that in the male-dominated field. At Vitec ALMA, she feels quite at home. Colleagues are supportive of each other, the company’s values are right on and the work is interesting.

When her work day is done, Kolppanen relaxes at home working in the yard or garden, hiking with her kids or reading.

Monica Kolppanen admits she is precise, even meticulous. Routine does not faze her, either. In her new job as a project engineer at Vitec ALMA she enjoys her tasks with circuit diagrams, modelling and data transfer which require both precision and repetition.

“These combine my natural strengths of fault finding and problem solving, and of course routine. The project based nature of my work is also a positive feature for me. Different clients and learning the incredibly versatile ALMA system makes work more meaningful,” she rejoices.

Learning the ALMA system

The recruitment announcement this summer immediately got Kolppanen’s attention. After getting to know Vitec ALMA better, she became even more interested in both the company and her job.

Company’s solid knowhow in commissioning and industrial maintenance is an excellent ground on which I can build my own expertise.

As a project engineer, Monica Kolppanen wants to get to know and learn ALMA in detail. She was first educated as an electrician, and in 2011, she also graduated as an electrical engineer in Vaasa.  She has work experience from different organizations and tasks, from the world of electricity, as well as real estate.

“Organizations often use several applications and different information systems. ALMA is a single integrated system for complex information islands, which includes everything you need,” Kolppanen shares with enthusiasm.

A proper WE-spirit is a daily delight

Kolppanen is happy being in the ALMA family: “We have a good spirit here. Many companies say this, but the truth may differ. At Vitec ALMA, I genuinely felt like a part of the team from the beginning. Here you can ask anyone about things, regardless of job title. Together we stoke the common fire for the benefit of the customer.”

  • Text: Tia Härkönen
  • Photo: Monica Kolppanen