Responsibility and sustainable development from deeper than data

Responsibility and sustainable development are emphasised in any business operations. At Vitec ALMA, we mostly work with socially critical and maintenance reliant customers. For these customers, safety, predictability and reliability are of the essence. For us, in turn, sustainable development means continuous improvement and long-term reduction of emissions.

The world needs to invest in sustainable development and reducing emissions at an accelerating pace. At the same time, the situation in the world around us has changed rapidly. The security environment is no longer the same as have been used to. Even before that, the pandemic quickly changed the culture of working and operating methods by moving work out from offices and contributing to remote working.

Vitec ALMA is involved in developing responsibility and sustainable development

Security is valued by all people, and throughout all companies and communities in the world. Software developers need to take information security into account in all their operations. With the increase in SaaS services, the physical location of information has become ever more important: how secure are our customers' systems in servers and server environments today? Would it be safer for our customers to outsource data security of their servers and services?

I am going to answer this question on behalf of Vitec ALMA right away: the data is in very safe hands with us and we are constantly improving our data security. Data security is the number one priority for both our customers and us.

Continuity between people

I have had many conversations with several of our customers about responsibility and its importance to their business. Everyone wants to act responsibly and with environmental values in mind. It is important for each of our customers that their software works reliably, in a data secure manner, and that their development work is continuous.

Having worked in the industry for as long as I have, one also understands the importance of continuity in customer relations. Handling of issues with a long-term partner, whom you have known for years or decades, is effortless and uncomplicated. Familiar people interact naturally in their customer relations, because after all, it is indeed a matter of communication between people and solving various problems in software.

For us at Vitec ALMA, continuity is also the desire and ability to take care of our personnel's competence, persistence and learning new things. In this way, we can best ensure the continuity of competence in our products and services for our customers.

SaaS is a responsible and sustainable option

At Vitec ALMA, we are moving more and more towards being a producer and provider of SaaS services. However, we will naturally continue to handle affairs of all our customers who run the ALMA software in the customer's own server environment.

Through the SaaS service, all our customers can get their software solutions with even faster response times than before. All software is also always updated to the latest versions. This way, responsibilities and information security issues are in order 24/7 as well. For the customer, SaaS brings ease of maintenance and savings.

We have concentrated our SaaS servers in the large and energy-efficient server rooms of our partners. This way we can offer our customers scalable services in a safer and more agile way. Our server partners make use of renewable energy solutions and do continuous development work to improve energy efficiency as well. This is important to us because we are also aware of the emissions that arise from the use of software.

Software for the benefit of the environment

With ALMA software, our customers can promote their own sustainable development. Less frequent unexpected production interruptions bring savings. Our software allows our customers to control maintenance work in a paperless manner. With the RCM analysis of equipment, our customers can further enhance maintenance programs and reduce excess equipment maintenance.

The location-independent remote use of ALMA improves and reduces overall emissions in the entire production chain. Whether it's a designer working remotely, an installer in the field, an expert working remotely or management. ALMA reduces unnecessary travel of people, thereby achieving time savings and reducing emissions in several different stages of the entire production chain.

Different industrial and working life software have solved a large number of problems related to movement restrictions and encounters during the Corona period. ALMA with its many different applications has been one of these software solutions. Physical meetings are useful and convenient. We will definitely return to them again after the Corona pandemic ends. However, more and more routine meetings will continue to be held virtually.

And at the end of the day, this is an excellent thing both for all of us as humans and also for creating a more responsible and sustainable world.