Reliable Migration with ALMA

Migration requires care from the project manager and flexibility from the software. Mika Ylikorpi, Project Manager at Vitec ALMA Oy, has been working with migrations since early January 2022.

Migration – in other words, data transfer between programs or program versions – is usually a remarkable one-time effort. The data masses to be transferred are typically huge, which means that errors are not acceptable. In the worst case, a single error is repeated in the entire data mass, thus ruining the migration.

In the context of ALMA, migration often takes place, for example, by transfer of data from the customer’s old maintenance system to ALMA. The same data transferred – for example, the date – can often by utilised in ALMA more extensively than before, as many of our customers use ALMA for a number of purposes besides maintenance. When the migration is carried out correctly from start, the data are certainly in their correct format, located in the right software and extensively available to all users, says Mika Ylikorpi, Project Manager.

Migration is not about data transfer only; it also involves a lot of analysis and often requires data processing. In this connection, even older data can be efficiently utilised in the new software environment.

”You can do almost anything with ALMA”

Mika Ylikorpi has performed many kinds of work and been in the service of several different companies before starting in his current position in October 2021. Originally from Kokkola, Ylikorpi has returned to his home town after a long tour.

The team spirit at Vitec ALMA is really good, regardless of people’s roles and job descriptions. I have participated in many projects, both as the manager and as an assistant to others. Assistance has always been available for me too whenever I have needed it. None of us humans knows it all. Because of this, sharing knowledge and skills is a great advantage for us at Vitec ALMA, but our customers benefit from it even more, Ylikorpi reminds.



After all, ALMA is software that can do almost anything. It is definitely the most scalable and versatile software I have worked with over the years, Ylikorpi continues.


A referee knows how to manage people

Having worked as an automation mechanic, software designer, financial administrator in the construction industry, accounting officer, and consultant, last year, Ylikorpi returned to his home town of Kokkola after years in Turku and Vaasa. When he learned about an interesting vacancy at Vitec ALMA, there were no lengthy hesitations about submitting an application.

The work is fascinating indeed, but counterbalance is also required. My hobbies include fitness training and refereeing. The sports include football, floorball and occasionally hockey. In my opinion, refereeing gives you invaluable lessons about people and how to manage them, Ylikorpi says, laughing.

Everything is well at the gym, and Ylikorpi’s current RAW squat record is 300 kg.

His wife and daughters think this to be quite sufficient. But you never know…

Text: Kai Tarkka
Photo: Mika Ylikorpi