Document Management with Software as a Service (SaaS)

Documents and document management constitue an important part of modern working life. One way or another, all of us are required to cope with document management. According to Matti Häivälä, Vitec ALMA’s fresh Project Engineer, the SaaS solution facilitates document management, in addition to many other things.

Having worked as a production designer and sales engineer, among other positions, Matti Häivälä noticed Vitec ALMA’s job advertisement towards the end of the last year: A Project Engineer was required in Kokkola. The details provided in the ad perfectly clicked with Häivälä’s own plans for the future. His job application was soon on its way. He started in his new position at the end of January 2022.

ALMA software seems incredibly extensive and versatile. With my short experience lasting just over a month, I find new things to support this notion every day. ALMA is also available as SaaS, which is definitely a good thing for many customers. There is no need for considering own IT or equipment acquisitions. Data will not be lost should your equipment fail, as the files are safely stored in the cloud. Another major advantage is that introduction of the system as a SaaS is also easier for the customer, Häivälä notes.

In Häivälä’s opinion, introduction to the new task has gone well despite the COVID-19 and teleworking. Teams has helped with keeping in touch, and Häivälä has met some of his new colleagues at the office as well.

Projects: A good way to work

Häivälä, who once graduated from Kokkola’s Centria as an IT engineer, has always liked project-based working. After all, projects have their starting points, but also come to their end eventually. After having completed a project with flying colours, it is nice to take on a new one.

So far, I have mainly been studying ALMA’s document management features. They are really good. Documents can be linked comprehensively, which means the data contained in them are easy to find. I have also participated in some meetings with customers. Afterwards, my colleagues and I have solved the customers’ problems together. You learn something new every day, Häivälä says.

As a bilingual Kokkola resident, Häivälä can handle Vitec ALMA’s customer contacts in Swedish as well.

Exercise on own and the children’s terms

Office work is largely sedentary. Because of this, Matti Häivälä exercises a lot in his free time. Running, skiing, cycling, fitness, and padel are his hobbies.

When you have three small children in the family, too much free time is never an issue. Everyday life tends to revolve around the children and their activities.

Text: Kai Tarkka / Viestintäpalvelu Taika Oy
Photo: Matti Häivälä