Blog: We are committed to a sustainable future

At Vitec ALMA, as well as in the entire Group, sustainable development is more than just a buzzword. It is a fundamental constituent of our business model and corporate culture.

In today’s society, ecological, social, and financial sustainability are inevitable in creating long-term value and maintaining competitive ability. Our constantly changing world in need of development requires innovation. Because of this, we commit to sustainability it in everything we do.

A more sustainable, flexible, and inclusive society

Our software products play a key role in our society and in the business of our critical customers. While developing and providing standardised software solutions, we support our customers in achievement of their goals and minimise their risks.

Our products promote resource efficiency, flexibility, and data processing ethics. Therefore, they support our customers in the creation of a more sustainable, flexible, and inclusive society.

Trustworthy personnel at the service of our customers

In the long term, ​​sustainable working conditions are promoted through rational use of energy, growth, and maintaining a balance between work and leisure. Vitec ALMA is an accessible employer worthy of the trust of our personnel. As a consequence of this, the people at Vitec ALMA are also trustworthy and eager to co-operate.​

​Smaller carbon footprint

​In practice, all the things mentioned above are evident in our choices. For example, our server rooms use more and more renewable energy, are well insulated to minimise heat loss, and utilise efficient cooling solutions. We actively limit waste, always evaluate acquisitions from the viewpoint of environmental friendliness, and actively reduce the use of fossil fuels. We optimise travelling, advise and encourage the use of public transport on business trips, and support cycling to work​.

Through these choices, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impacts.

​Better planning, maintenance, and asset management

​Our customers benefit in many ways from our solutions related to planning, maintenance operations management, and asset management. Our solutions help them to improve and automate their maintenance processes. This leads to better operational planning and proactive maintenance, as well as reduces the risk of unexpected failures. Resources are saved, cost efficiency improves and productivity increases.

Our solutions make for better asset management for our customers. They can effectively monitor and manage their assets, plan the life cycle of the assets, and optimise maintenance costs and the use of resources. This helps to extend the life of the assets, reduce waste, and save on expenses.

​SaaS brings flexibility without equipment investments

​With our SaaS services, our customers benefit from flexibility and scalability and can make use of our solutions in accordance with their needs without major investments in own hardware and server infrastructure. This will allow cost-effective and flexible use of ALMA as their business grows or transforms.

Overall, our responsible choices and solutions improve our customers’ efficiency and cost savings. This way, the customer can get a better return on the capital invested in the customer’s production assets. At the group level, we intend to reduce our emissions by 75% by 2030.

​Wish you a wonderful summer

Janne Lappi, Sales Director