Blog: Customer service fixes things in one go, and fast

Support services are important for customers when it comes to the use and development of software solutions. Vitec ALMA strives to answer customers’ questions quickly and sort things out in one go.

You can contact Vitec ALMA’s customer service by phone at 010 419 8540 and by e-mail at on week days from 8am to 4pm. According to the support service agreement, we handle all inquiries promptly and by the principle that we get it done in one go. Nobody wants to return to the same issue or question again, unless they absolutely need to.

E-mail is the best way to contact us, as it is easy to attach screenshots to the message. These help us quickly get to the bottom of many issues.

The exchange started by phone and e-mail is often accompanied by Teams support, which allows to go over the case and your questions in more detail. The important thing is to get to the bottom of the situation each time so that the ALMA processes used by the customer remain efficient. That is why we are ready, here at customer service.

ALMA support services help business development along

In addition to acute issues and related solutions, Vitec ALMA’s support service is also a good partner for the customer on the business development side. We know our own system and its possibilities extensively, but we are also familiar with the best practices of our customer base. Many of us at ALMA – including me – have work experience on the customer side. This is why we are so familiar with the challenges and questions of our customers.

Small things can grow into big ones. This is good to remember about challenges as well as opportunities. The best interactions are the kind where we can show our customer how ALMA can be useful in a completely new way, at a new stage of the process or for new, better results. These encounters create the win-win end result we all desire.

Expertise is visible to the customer

The support service team of Vitec ALMA currently employs six people. We are a group with both years and decades of experience as well as youthful enthusiasm. We are also recruiting new people. (If you are interested in working in our support team, feel free to send us a free-format message to ).

Expertise is important to the customer. We have to be thoroughly familiar with both our customers and our software. And we are. Once we get to support the continuous improvement of our customer, in co-operation with our customer, we can make ALMA even more useful and effective. This is for the good of all of us!

Ongoing development

There is always room for improvement in the workings of companies, and every day, there is a reason to develop new, more efficient work methods. This also applies to our support services. At Vitec ALMA, we use customer feedback to continuously improve our own operations.

Based on customer satisfaction reviews, we have been very successful. The continuous growth of our business brings its own challenges. We prepare for these by processing support requests more efficiently, so that all our operations become more transparent from the customer’s end. This reform is already underway, in addition to our other support service activities.

Jari-Pekka Peiju
Service support manager
Vitec ALMA Oy