ALMA’s product development will live on strong in 2023

At Vitec ALMA, the year 2023 will pick up from where the previous years have already safely led our customers. ALMA software product development is a continuous process, and the same goes for improving customer experience and satisfaction. We will continue to develop our operations purposefully in 2023 as well.

The last few years have hardened us and we have come to terms with that things can change quickly. In festive speeches of the past, the expression “we are living in a period of transition” has been heard often. Unfortunately, the last few years have brought this expression into life quite seriously and concretely. At Vitec ALMA, we have ourselves participated in this change, but at the same time, we have also supported our customers.

In the midst of major changes, many operating procedures need to evolve. Because of the crises, companies are now aware of how to better prepare for unexpected turbulence. Crises can also be predicted. 

At Vitec ALMA, we have succeeded in helping our customers amid many recent challenges, which gives me great satisfaction. For example, owing to our SaaS model, our customers have been able to focus more efficiently on their own core operations.

“Take care of the data and the data will take care of you”

When you take good care of your data, you can get much more out of it both in daily life and in the midst of crises. With the help of data, you can continuously develop your own operations and production process to become more efficient. At the same time, you can also reduce your environmental emissions. With the help of reliable software and data, there will be no unforeseen production interruptions, so the energy used for production will not be wasted.

When enhanced maintenance is combined with fast transfer of refined data between the company’s offices and functions, the need for physical movement is clearly reduced. There will be no unnecessary rides and trips. The carbon footprint is reduced and the environment will be grateful to you.

”Rely today and tomorrow” is our brand promise, by which we refer to responsible data processing, smooth continuity and ongoing improvement. Our customers’ data are safe in our systems and can be transferred reliably between people, corporate functions and locations.

RCM at your service

For example, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) supported by ALMA software improves the safety, productivity and usability of production and brings about cost savings. It can be used to make responsible and sustainable decisions by which production can be developed in the long term.

Safe and high-quality data, which are maintained and refined even better with maintenance asset management, is the key to responsible and sustainable decision-making. With the help of data, it is possible to take big development steps, reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and improve their productivity.

Juha Nissilä
Vitec ALMA Oy