A reliable maintenance system improves security of supply

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has increased the importance of Finland’s security of supply. If goods, energy, and data should cease to move across borders, how would we cope here in the North? A functional maintenance system improves security for companies and public sector entities alike.

In Finland, there is a lot of security of supply-related co-operation between energy and industrial companies and the private sector. In addition to special backup reserves, many production companies have their own plans and stocks for less fortunate days. Or at least should have.

A functional and secure maintenance system operating reliably under different circumstances is part of preparation for the future. Devices and processes work if maintained systematically and appropriately. Problems should be anticipated in good time.

There should be the right amount of the right goods in stock and the key personnel should know the real-time situation. The transparency and information offered by a maintenance system on critical property management and real-time situation are also important for preparations and scenario planning.

A well-planned maintenance system is already half done

With the help of a maintenance system, management of the company’s assets can be monitored and planned comprehensively. If the company has production and activities at several localities, the system allows simultaneous observation of the situation at the different locations. At the same time, reference data are acquired on different functions and production units, which can be utilised in connection with operation planning, streamlining, and preparations.

Maintenance system updating should not be undertaken without careful planning. Well plan is half done. It is worth finding out what your needs are now and in the future. One should remember that as a rule, a system upgrade is mostly about changing the operating method, in which the system is a key tool. The system on its own is not sufficient; changes always require good management to succeed. Through this, the personnel is bound to the change.

The system must work in normal everyday life and in a crisis

Risks of different level are always present in business. However, they can be anticipated and their likelihood reduced through planned activity. With the help of ALMA maintenance system, operational risks related to real estate, equipment, production, and stocks can be efficiently downsized. Foresight and “just in case” way of thinking are not excluded from business results, but provide security for continuity also in the event of potential crises.

Systems that function without problems in daily life must do the same during various crises and exceptional situations, and it must be possible to trust the data they provide. This increases the predictability and systematic nature of operations and reduces the risk of surprises. Even though were are safe from many physical threats here in Finland, the number of various attacks in the web has increased strongly. As an IT system supplier, we have prepared for these threats by investing in data security on a large-scale and long-term basis.

You can trust Vitec ALMA and our system, today and tomorrow.

Niko Pahkala
Vitec ALMA Oy