A new ex-Alma employee appreciates the work community

Petri Myllymäki, Project Engineer, returned to ALMA after spending some years elsewhere. The familiar, pleasant team and versatile software attracted him back.

Petri Myllymäki’s career began more than a couple of decades ago, when he graduated as an Automation Engineer and participated in a course introducing the basics of ALMA software. Many of the people who attended the course in the late 1990s ended up working at AIM Automation and Instrumentation Management Oy, the then designer of ALMA, i.e., today’s Vitec ALMA Oy. Myllymäki was not an exception. After some time, Myllymäki’s career path took him elsewhere, until his return in September 2022.

It was easy to come back here after years of working elsewhere. The software and its features, usability and many functionalities have naturally developed vastly over the years. However, while working for different employers, I used ALMA with regular irregularity and so retained the feel of the software. As many of my buddies were still working at the Kokkola office, coming back here felt like returning to home and familiar circles.

At the Kokkola office, Myllymäki works in the delivery team of software implementation with seven other people. In addition to office days, remote work is still possible at Vitec ALMA, and Myllymäki’s working weeks have already included some remote working. 

“As my career once started here, at ALMA, maybe I will one day also retire from here,” Myllymäki ponders, smiling.

Vitec ALMA acknowledges the value of employees

Myllymäki’s previous employer recently introduced ALMA and Myllymäki was actively involved in the introduction. He now continues working with the same items and people, but from the perspective of a service producer instead of a purchaser. In addition to a single large customer project, Myllymäki has also been involved in some other interesting projects at Vitec ALMA.

“If some novelty puzzles you, support from all other Alma employees is readily available. I must give credit to Vitec ALMA for genuinely being a company that regards satisfied employees as important assets. This is visible in all of our activities,” Myllymäki admits.

Music and caring for Elvis the cat

Myllymäki is a music lover. He doesn’t play any instrument himself, but the sound equipment at his home is state of the art. By the way, Myllymäki has personally built the speakers for his equipment.

Myllymäki is already a grandpa, which means spending time with grandchildren. At home, he and his wife also take care of Elvis the cat.

“Elvis is a typical oldish house cat who mainly sleeps and eats well. But his ego is in order, that is, in the typical cat-like manner, he is constantly of a little too high opinion of himself,” Myllymäki says, laughing.

Text: Kai Tarkka
Photo: Petri Myllymäki