Jarkko Isohanni Finds Similarities in Programming, Making Music, and Woodwork

Jarkko Isohanni, an employee of Vitec ALMA Oy since February, is well-known to his colleagues and to many of our customers. He has worked on ALMA projects for several years, but used to be employed by another company.

Various user interface projects and coding have been Jarkko Isohanni’s main job for a long time, but last year, he felt ready to put his skills to good use in other tasks as well.

– I told Vitec ALMA about my intentions to move away from my employer at the time, since I did not want to leave them in a difficult position with resources, Isohanni recalls the events in 2020..

A new job was already on the horizon when people from ALMA suggested considering the company as a possible alternative employer. Isohanni pondered this for a moment and accepted the offer.

Developer’s position

Even though the life at Vitec ALMA is familiar to Isohanni, new things keep emerging all the time.

– The company has a solid foundation and wide and fascinating clientele. Investments are being made in development and products and services systematically developed. It felt good that they wanted me to be part of their organisation and appreciated my skills, he notes with satisfaction.

Isohanni especially appreciates working as a team. Things are being developed together and various perspectives taken into account. The team does not consist of coding and programming professionals only, but also of business experts.

Isohanni’s current job is more about product development than projects.

– This was an excellent solution for me, for now I can consider things more comprehensively and on a larger scale. I recognise myself as a developer, and can practice being one.

Another Vitec ALMA’s quality favoured by Isohanni is that he can affect things and take them forward through his work.

– A lot of work on the software side is invisible, but needs to be done anyway. Technology needs to be updated and improved and data security taken care of. This must be done properly and correctly. The customers’ user experience is also close to my heart. When dealing with user interfaces, I always try to make the system as convenient and user-friendly as possible, one that can be easily mastered in everyday work. At the very least, it should not be a necessary evil bringing extra stress to the life on an employee. My personal motto is that you need to be patient enough to pay attention to the details, complete the work properly and take into account the end user’s perspective, says the Bachelor of Engineering (IT) with a long work experience in the field of information technology.

Music, woodwork, and programming

Isohanni exudes the peaceful vibes of an IT professional. During the COVID-19 times, he has put up a workstation in a corner of his bedroom. The surrounding commotion is of slightly different type as compared to Vitec ALMA’s Kokkola office located a couple of kilometres away, as his wife, three children, cat and dog are also at home. This does not bother him. His calm character has also been helpful when it comes to hobbies. Isohanni is a skilful woodworker and musician.

– Music and woodworking are actually quite similar to programming. They require concentration, and the tools should be good. In addition, it is important to know your goal. You cannot become a rock star in one day, and an ERP solution cannot be built in one go. In woodwork, good design is the basis of everything, and as the work progresses, you need to leave time for the glue joints to dry. In programming, it is even more important to avoid taking shortcuts in the intermediate stages.

Text: Tia Härkönen
Photo: Jarkko Isohanni's album