Standalone solutions

The ALMA system is divided into main areas, which comprise design, upkeep, data and documentation management. However, the solution we offer are not limited to these. We can expand and scale the main areas or implement standalone solutions in the following component areas.


Electronic quality system and safety

  • Operations manual, the related instructions and documentation
  • Annual clock and reminders
  • Risk assessments
  • Near miss notifications

Management of personal data and qualifications

  • Various cards, validity periods and reminders
  • Training register
  • Management of people’s responsibilities

Customers CRM

  • Contact, documentation, and project management
  • Offers
  • Sales and invoicing
  • Contracts
  • Interface to financial management


  • Customer register
  • Supplier register
  • Product register
  • Contracts
  • Hazardous substances, chemicals
  • Keys
  • Software and versions
  • Interfaces to other system registers

IT infrastructure and server management

  • Servers, software and versions, responsibilities, reminders
  • Remote connections
  • Instructions and documentation

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