Vitec ALMA offers its customers many services supporting the operation and efficiency of the ALMA information system. Using these services, each customer can utilise the system’s advantages to the greatest possible extent.


Support and maintenance services

The ALMA system and its application areas are constantly being developed.

In the development work, the needs of customers from different sectors and the changes in the world around us are taken into account.

Commissioning services

Commissioning services ensure optimal integration of the software into the customer’s operations.

ALMA’s project manager co-ordinates the operation through a standardised project model.

Training services

The use of the ALMA system can be enhanced by training, thereby getting more out of it in the context of different applications.

All Vitec ALMA coaches have extensive experience related to the topics covered under the training courses and to the arrangement of the courses.

Maintenance and data management mappings

Vitec ALMA carries out mappings of the current state of our customers’ technical data management and maintenance processes and systems.

Based on the mapping, a report is drawn up, in which the customer’s current situation is analysed and improvement and development proposals are submitted.

Data management, project and maintenance services

ALMA’s services cover the entire project lifecycle from the tender stage all the way to system delivery.

The solutions necessary for the project are mapped using the data management service in co-operation with the customer. The ALMA system also provides powerful streamlining and planning tools for different types of automation and electrical design projects.

Ongoing services: service centre and help desk, Service Manager, Data Manager

Support requests from all customers are managed and handled through a service centre co-ordinating the services in accordance with the customers’ service level. The service centre also assists with resolving faults and malfunctions.

The Service Manager ensures the best possible usability of the application and co-ordinates the services provided to the customer in the long term. Through the Service Manager service, co-operation can be enhanced and implementation of new solutions in the customer’s operation process accelerated.

The Data Manager service ensures optimal project data management and usability of the data created in the process during the post-project lifecycle.

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