Real estate asset management

ALMA’s construction and real estate-related solutions can be used to enhance and support real estate use and maintenance, as well as to improve lifecycle management of buildings.


The lightest of our real estate-related solutions include, for example, management of real estate data and documentation, as well as archiving systems.

The solutions allow efficient management of all real estate-related data and documentation and sharing thereof with persons authorized.

ALMA's real estate-related solutions include:

  • The Project Bank that replaces separate project banks; all data and documentation can be transferred to your own system ever since the preliminary design stage. There is no need for separate collection and transfer of data after the project, which leads to minimization of errors and results in cost savings.
  • Real estate operating and maintenance manual is drawn up already during the project stage.
  • Documentation of real estate source data, official regulations.
  • Organisations, areas of responsibility, persons in charge.
  • Upkeep instructions.
  • Upkeep disturbance monitoring, work planning and preventive maintenance.
  • Real estate expenditure monitoring.
  • Remote real estate monitoring over the web.
  • Management of lease contracts, lease contract terms and documentation.
  • Monitoring of utilisation and occupancy rate, as well as of other leasing-related indicators.

ALMA directs and facilitates the supervision of own activity required in quality and environmental systems.

ALMA allows lifecycle-based approach to real estate, since the data of buildings and premises can be examined throughout their entire existence, and the data are easy to keep up-to-date.

Building services engineering (HVAC)

The most important functions of building services engineering can be regarded to include the real estate’s heating, water, sewerage, ventilation, electrical and automation systems (HVAC). In case of industrial real estate, building services engineering functions are often linked to the building automation system.

ALMA functions as a system that gathers building services engineering data. In the lightest version, the system can function as the technical data and documentation management system of building services engineering. If the customer also needs to manage the maintenance and upkeep activity of its real estates, it can also be efficiently implemented in the same integrated system.

ALMA’s (HVAC) solutions allow managing the data of standalone systems and upkeep thereof:

  • Central heating system, heat transfer network
  • Water distribution, piping network with accessories
  • Ventilation system with equipment
  • Real estate power supply, including switchboards and cabling
  • Control, adjustment, supervision, and protection equipment for all the above systems

Our services cover mapping of the customer’s needs and challenges; creation of a solution proposal; system deployment, training, upkeep, development, and support. Based on our solid expertise and efficient tools, we also carry out data transfers from old systems, databases, Excel files, etc. into the new ALMA solution, in which case the transfer to the new system is as trouble-free as possible.

Similarly to other ALMA solutions and application areas, the construction-specific solution can easily be expanded to include other ALMA application areas.

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