Tampereen Sähkölaitos Enhances Its Operations Using ALMA

The Energy unit at Tampere Sähkölaitos decided in favour of the enterprise resource planning system for maintenance supplied by ALMA after in-depth tendering. The new system had to be commissioned before the start of the maintenance high season in spring.

Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy produces electricity, district heating and cooling for the Pirkanmaa region and also distributes and sells energy in various forms. In 2020, following a tender, the Group procured a maintenance, design, project management, and documentation management system supplied by Vitec ALMA in order to increase the efficiency of its operations. The system was commissioned in early February.

We wanted to have ALMA up and running before seasonal and annual plant maintenance, which is scheduled to spring. Not everything is ready yet, but the most important features for annual maintenance are already at our disposal. All in all, the commissioning has gone well and co-operation with Vitec ALMA has been effective, praises Jukka Punkari, Maintenance Manager at Tampere Sähkölaitos.

Almost 200 users in the Energy unit of the Group are currently using ALMA. The user base is wide, consisting of designers, project and technology team, procurement, and operation and maintenance personnel. There are now about 40 maintenance-related system users.

Large amounts of data under control

According to Punkari, after the introduction of ALMA, the IT system of Tampereen Sähkölaitos leaped from the 1990s into the present. When working for another company, he had already taken care of the implementation of a maintenance system project. ALMA, the winner of the tendering, was a new acquaintance for him.

ALMA has been clearly designed for taking care of large amounts of data and larger entities. It is well-scalable and thus a good choice for us. We can also introduce new features gradually. We are learning more all the time, so we can utilise the system even better in the future, says Punkari.

The project team involved in the commissioning of the information system meets almost daily over the Internet and the system. This way, everyone knows the current status of the project. After more extensive commissioning of the system, the entire personnel of the plant will be able to monitor issues important for their work in real time.

Mobility features streamline work processes

Punkari, who started in the industry as a machine installer and rose from there to development and management positions, is especially looking forward to introduction of ALMA’s mobility features. In the scale of the new information system, these are something new for Tampereen Sähkölaitos.

In connection with the project, ALMA was integrated with our other systems, so ALMA now plays a key role in our system map. After introduction of the mobility features, data will be available to our installers and management both in a mobile manner and in real time. This brings flexibility and efficiency to our work processes. Device management and all kinds of data documentation will be clearly better and faster, Punkari believes.

Very successful running-in

Co-operation with Vitec ALMA has been close from the start of the project. Teleworking skills have also become commonplace during the COVID-19 era. In the course of the project, there has been a lot of tailored product development and goal-oriented investments into data security.

The run-in has gone well and I can also recommend ALMA to other organisations. In my opinion, ALMA is particularly suitable for companies that require management of large amounts of assets and data. It is an excellent tool for this.

Tampereen Sähkölaitos supplies electricity, district heating, district cooling, and natural gas to private and corporate customers mainly in the Pirkanmaa area. The company was founded in 1888. The Tampereen Sähkölaitos Group is owned by the City of Tampere.

Text: Kai Tarkka