CTS Engtec efficiently utilises ALMA in its design services

CTS Engtec Oy is an industrial project services provider that has utilised ALMA in its design operations for many years.

CTS Engtec is headquartered in Kouvola, but also has operations located in various parts of Finland and the world. The company has implemented various projects on all continents of the word.

Jari Mynttinen has been in charge of CTS Engtec’s electrical automation design department for over a decade. The members of his team work in several different localities and make up an efficient work community even in the COVID-19 era. Typically, the customers of CTS Engtec are from the process industry – in other words, forestry, energy, chemistry, mining, and metalworking companies.

The first time I heard about ALMA was decades ago, at the office of a customer we then had. For some time, we also used our very own database solution, but we found it too laborious to maintain. When using ALMA, we do not need to think about all the different updates and integrations into other systems, as people from Vitec ALMA take care of those and keep the system up-to-date, Mynttinen says.

Clear models work with huge amounts of data

In Mynttinen’s opinion, the best thing about ALMA are the clear models that can be applied in many different places. The procedures are the same for all users regardless of their role. When everyone follows the same rules and models, the number of errors in the data also decreases.

ALMA’s benefits are the most evident in case of large amounts of data. The consistent models and solutions improve the efficiency of data management in such cases. The quality is improved, but at the same time, the system remains flexible to meet the specific needs of our company, Mynttinen says.

High-quality design ensures high-quality results to customers

The customers of CTS Engtec value the quality of design. The processes must run efficiently and reliably. A key component of this reliability is a database-based information system. It supports high-quality design and thereby high-quality results.

Design projects typical for us are full plant system deliveries and various revision projects. In their case, it is important that all devices, pipes, valves, and switches are included. In our company, ALMA interconnects these data from different designers and design domains. Flowcharts can be found in the system and different sites are linked together. Data once entered in the system can be utilised afterwards by all who use the system, Mynttinen says, describing the operation of the system.

In case of a single valve, the system contains information, for example, about the valve type, as well as all external and internal dimensions of the valve. Whenever a new valve is added to the system, the piping designer can very quickly determine what kind of a valve is required. The system can suggest the correct unit directly.

When there are hundreds or thousands of devices and sites in a production plant, these data are genuinely critical from the viewpoint of reliability and design, Mynttinen emphasizes.

Good and visual user interface

According to Mynttinen, functional design is impossible without a reliable database solution. The veteran ALMA user praises the development of the user interface along other system features. Visuality is being enhanced all the time, which is a good thing.

We regularly examine the system solutions available on the market. Nevertheless, we have stayed with ALMA, as it is familiar and provenly works well. Had there been problems, we would definitely have had it replaced with some other solution. There has been no such need, Mynttinen says.


CTS Engtec Oy is a leading Finnish industrial project services provider. The company provides services for process and technology industry investment projects. In addition to Kouvola, the company has offices at several locations in Finland, as well as in Tallinn, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Text: Kai Tarkka
Photo: Unsplash