ALMA solves design challenges for the mining, forestry, and energy industries

ALMA is utilised in design in many different areas of activity. With the help of ALMA, Systemworx Oy from Tornio produces telecommunications and automation-related design services for the mining, forestry, and energy industries.

Pasi Mäkelä was introduced to ALMA’s benefits for the first time on the recommendation of his colleague a few years ago. At the time, he was working as a designer in the mining industry. Just over a year ago, Mäkelä and his colleagues founded Systemworx Oy, where they initially produced services for end customers’ systems. Today, the company also uses its own ALMA system acquired as a service.

We are very pleased with ALMA and its functionality. With the help of ALMA, design work and documentation are on the right track from the very beginning. After the introduction of ALMA, designs very rarely need patching or changing. ALMA is also easy to use and flexible. Minor investments lead to excellent results, Mäkelä praises.

According to Mäkelä, even larger design projects do not pose a problem for ALMA. The possibility to implement both smaller and larger projects using the same system is beneficial for the design customers.

With such excellent design software, you need not reinvent the wheel on your own. When we need support, for example, in introduction of some new features, Vitec ALMA is readily available, Mäkelä continues.

A good tool for maintenance planning

Mäkelä has extensive experience in industrial maintenance. He has worked as an assistant equipment installer, but later graduated as a telecommunications and automation designer. After serving as a wage earner, he felt the desire to become an entrepreneur, which led to founding of Systemworx Oy.

We design new data networks and automation systems for mining, forestry, and energy industries. ALMA is our primary design tool. It allows collecting all important individualized data on the system, based on which the maintenance installers can perform their work efficiently. Equipment faults are identified quickly, and so the installer can go to the right site and right unit to solve the problem, says Mäkelä.

Facilitates design, reduces workload

According to Mäkelä, without ALMA, design work would be troublesome or even impossible. The workload related to design projects would increase shockingly.

Without ALMA, handling as many customer design projects as we do now would be out of the question. No one would cope with such long working days. Functional software facilitates our daily lives a lot and thereby brings efficiency benefits to the customers of our design projects as well, Mäkelä points out.

Systemworx Oy is a Tornio-based company owned by two shareholders and focused on design of telecommunications and automation systems. Systemworx’s customers are mainly engaged in the mining, forestry, and energy industries.

Text: Kai Tarkka
Photo: Unsplash